The perfect boat should have the perfect name. We use the right product to letter your pride and joy. Either marine grade vinyl, printed 3M Vinyl, genuine Sign Gold, or paint, your boat name will last for  years to come.   We can remove old faded vinyl or painted lettering also!

Either bring the boat to us, or we will go out to your location or marina and letter the boat while in dry dock or in the water.


  • Boat Lettering

    $20/- sq.ft. per color
    Marine Grade Vinyl
    $40- /sq.ft.
    3M Print W/Laminate
  • Reg Numbers

    Set of 2
    Marine Grade Vinyl.
  • Premium Silver

    Non Tarnish
    Comes W/ 1 Outline or shadow color
    10 Year outdoor warranty
  • Real Gold 22K

    Comes W/ 1 Outline or shadow color
    15 Year outdoor warranty
Removal of existing lettering         $75.00/hr